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Garbage Plate

by plainwhitetoast & the No Tres Trio

50/90 August 2013 album

lyric sheet

1. Let's Have a War
2. It's Up To You - lyrics by kahlo2013
3. Under Your Wheels - lyrics by PeteMurphy
4. Poocumber
5. Make a Fist
6. Fucked
7. Feast on Your Entrails
8. Failure in Reverse - lyrics by kahlo2013
9. We Bring Peace - lyrics by kahlo2013
10. Thank You, Chelsea
11. Assholes
12. I dunno, man - lyrics by The Zanti Misfit
13. Garbage Plate
the No Tres Trio is:
toast - guitar and vocals
plaintoast - bass and vocals
plainwhitetoast - drum sequencing and vocals

8string wrote and played the guitar part and gave the title for "Feast on Your Entrails"
Matt McNulty plays bass on "Fucked," "Failure in Reverse" and "Garbage Plate"

Garbage Plate image from wikipedia article on Nick Tahou's.
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Garbage plate] |Date=October 20, 2007 at 12:07 |Author=
[ Eugene Peretz] from Northampton, MA, USA |
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