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Poise Your Choosin

by plainwhitetoast & the No Tres Trio

NaSoAlMo 2012 album

lyric sheet


01 the United State of Ohio
02 Drunken Parents
03 I am the Freak
04 Sugar from the Trophy
05 In the Pan
06 Heroin or Cyanide
07 Better than Ugly

08 I am Digging
09 Illegal Tender
10 Don't Pretend to Imagine
11 $2112 Anthem
12 Food Sticks
13 the Afirmation of Shopping
14 Apocalypse du jour

the No Tres Trio is:
toast - guitar and vocals
plaintoast - bass and vocals
plainwhitetoast - drum sequencing and vocals

Post-production Notes
There are some rough spots and the mixes could be better, but this is the album. I named the songs when they were only drum tracks and the names pretty much stuck, with little variation (tracks 1 and 14 had different names entirely). I came up with the album title when I signed up and wanted to somehow make that a theme. Therefore the songs tend to have some aspect of decisionary positioning in the lyrics.
Some of the lyrics are a bit repetitive, which bugged me until I listened to them in album context. I think/hope that I struck a good balance, using repetition judiciously.
There are a couple of guitar solos that could use keeping rhythm guitar beneath, but I'm trying to keep it honest as a power trio would perform the songs.

My Starting Framework:
Taking inspiration from the FAQ, use the Ramones first album, "Ramones," as a template
Fourteen tracks
Use approximately the same length and tempo for each song as the respective track on "Ramones"
All songs performed as No Tres Trio (drums, bass, guitar, up to three voices)
Try not to be too serious
Avoid singing about anti-corporate and anti-theistic themes for this album (or at least keep it to one song each)

03 Saturday - recorded 3 guitar idea scratch tracks
05 Monday - worked up drums for 14 songs with DrumSite
08 Thursday - recorded guitar and bass for song 01
09 Friday - recorded guitar and bass for songs 02 and 03; song 03 uses the first of the three ideas from Saturday the 3rd
10 Saturday - recorded guitar and bass for songs 04 and 05; song 04 uses the second of the three ideas from Saturday the 3rd
11 Sunday - recorded bass for songs 06, 07, 08 and 09
12 Monday - recorded guitar for song 10, vocals for song 05, "In the Pan," and bass for songs 06, 07, 08, 09 and 10
14 Wednesday - recorded guitar and bass for song 11
15 Thursday - started writing lyrics for song one, "the United State of Ohio." Jotted down some ideas for several other songs
17 Saturday - recorded guitar and bass for song 12
18 Sunday - recorded guitar and bass for songs 13 and 14
23 Friday - reworked drum tracks for songs 12-14; recorded vocal for song one, "the U.S. of Ohio;" wrote lyrics for song two, "Drunken Parents"
24 Saturday - recorded vocals for song two "Drunken Parents," three "I am the Freak" and wrote lyrics and started recording vocals for song four "Sugar from the Trophy"
25 Sunday - recorded vocals for song four "Sugar from the Trophy," six "Heroin or Cyanide," seven "Better than Ugly," eight "I am Digging," nine "Illegal Tender," ten "Don't Pretend to Imagine" and twelve "Food Sticks"
26 Monday - recorded vocals for song thirteen "the Affirmation of Shopping" and fourteen "Apocalypse du jour"
29 Thursday - recorded vocals for song eleven "$2112 Anthem" and added background vocals on track five "In the Pan"
30 Friday - recorded guitar solo-ish bits for song two "Drunken Parents," four "Sugar from the Trophy," six "Heroin or Cyanide," remixed song one "the United State of Ohio," remixed and addd a 'NAH!' to the end of song fourteen "Apocalypse du jour"